What is Nature Positive

Halt and Reverse Nature Loss by 2030

2020 Base

2030 Halt and

2050 Full

What is the Global Goal for Nature?

Nature Positive is a global societal goal defined as ‘Halt and Reverse Nature Loss by 2030 on a 2020 baseline, and achieve full recovery by 2050’. To put this more simply, it means ensuring more nature in the world in 2030 than in 2020 and continued recovery after that.

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Why a
global goal
is needed…

Human activities are destroying nature at a rate much faster than it can replenish itself. The COVID-19 pandemic is a warning sign that the decline of nature is destabilizing society. A continued loss of nature threatens not only over half the global GDP, but more importantly human lives and wellbeing, with the poorest and most vulnerable hit first and hardest. As the climate crisis is deeply linked to the nature crisis, both need to be addressed simultaneously to drive a swift transition to a nature-positive, carbon-neutral future.

With climate, we have the clear goal of carbon neutrality, articulated in the target of net zero emissions by 2050, with the objective of keeping global warming below 1.5C. A similar time bound goal for nature, ensures that we halt and reverse nature loss at the pace necessary, in support of climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Launch of the Nature Positive Initiative

The Initiative launched on 6 September 2023, to promote the integrity and implementation of the Global Goal for Nature.

27 of the world’s largest nature conservation organizations, institutes, business and finance coalitions came together to launch a new initiative aimed at driving alignment around the definition, integrity and use of the term ‘nature positive’ and supporting broader, longer-term efforts to deliver nature-positive outcomes.

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We are facing a triple planetary crisis – climate, nature, pollution. We need now to translate this into integrity and accountability to help us move more into a climate neutral, nature positive, and pollution-free world.

Inger Andersen
Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme